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Basic RAID 5 Variations

There are a lot of variations even for a basic RAID 5 layout, such as:

  • left and right,
  • synchronous and asynchronous,
  • RAID 5 with delayed parity.

Let us consider each of these variations in detail.

Left and right RAID 5 arrays. The difference is parity location on the array member disks. The diagrams of parity location are shown below:

Left and Right RAID 5 parity order

Synchronous and asynchronous RAID 5 arrays. They differ from each other by the order of data blocks on the array member disks.

Synchronous and Asynchronous RAID 5 layouts

RAID 5 with delayed parity. This array type differs from a typical RAID 5 by a single parity block occupying several data blocks. Usually such an array is created by HP SmartArray controller.

RAID 5 with delayed parity
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